Monday, 10 August 2009

After Ride Bare - what next?

Ghost's injured leg is now better, and so I took him out this weekend, forgetting that although he was a paragon on Ride Bare, he is not necessarily a reformed character at home, on open fields which he knows all too well :-)

Don't be fooled by the innocent expression - only a few minutes after Andy took this, my 24 yr old veteran was carting me across the hayfields that were cut 2 weeks ago, revelling in the chance of a quick blast even though my intention had been to have a quiet, just-back-in-work type ride (!).

On Sunday we did a longer ride, with a long uphill gallop, which he relished even more - and of course did at exactly the speed he wanted - its a good job there were very few stretches like that on Ride Bare!

Its nice to be able to report that he is back on top form, and I am wondering what we should do next - he had such fun being the centre of attention on the ride that it seems only fair to try and find another starring role for him - suggestions welcome!

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