Saturday, 21 February 2009


You won't believe this, but its ALMOST Spring-like here - no doubt only a brief respite before it starts snowing, hailing or freezing again, buts its fantastic while it lasts :-)

Sadly for me, this gorgeous break in the weather has coincided with a week of absolutely full on inside boring paperwork...So I am doing horses in the morning in the dark then just as it gets warm and lovely coming inside and getting my head stuck into the books...DOH!!!!!

Fortunately for my horses, there has been hunting this week, so Hector and Felix have had a busy one, with friends who have been out on various days - sadly not me - and they are thrilled to be back out there again.  

Charlie is still stomping around looking decidedly cross and sorry for himself, missing all the fun, but will just have to stay at home until he is 100% again, silly boy.  

Meanwhile its so warm that the clipped horses are down to single rugs, and the unclipped ones are going naked - what a lovely change!

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