Friday, 6 February 2009

Totally snowed in!

Woke up this morning and we have MASSES of least 6 inches first thing this morning and its not stopped yet...

Felix and I had to plough through the blizzard, with Andy and the dogs helping, to move the sheep, which were only one field away from the house but rapidly getting stuck in the snow. One we saw just in time as it was being buried by snowdrifts against the hedge, and being a sheep it was just going to lie down and die(!).

Horses thought it was quite exciting at first (apart from Jack, who is slightly traumatised and has decided that its safer not to leave the barn or set foot on the snow at all!) but have now realised that driving wind and snow in your eyes is most uncomfortable, so all are now undercover eating haylage.

Poor Ghost lay down to roll in the snow, and got himself cast in a snowdrift in the middle of the yard...he was looking rather like a large hairy beached whale, and we thought we would have to dig him out, but fortunately the sight of Andy running towards him with a bright orange spade shocked him so much that he managed to thrash himself upright...

So its been an eventful day already and its not even 11.30...Will update later as to snow depth...!

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