Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The boys are back in town..mostly!

Snow has thawed and, yippee ki-ay, we have above-freezing temperatures nearly all the time ;-)

Yesterday we had our meet at Rockley, a real neighbours' Monday morning job, with only a few riders but a good number of foot and quad bike followers, who, with great commitment, managed to eat nearly all the sandwiches, sausages and chocolate brownie and drink a respectable amount of tea, whisky macs and port :-)

Charlie is off games for a few days :-( He went out on exercise on Sunday morning with me and Sam over the moor as happy as a sand-boy but came in from the field later that afternoon with a definite unlevelness - the field is steep, slippery and it had been a sunny day, so its odds on he has pulled something, stupid boy...There is no heat in his leg so its either very deep or up in his shoulder - what a muppet. So he missed hunting yesterday, entirely his own fault, and Felix went as master's horse instead.

I took Hector the Space Hopper and Andy had wacko Jacko, and despite not having hunted for 2 weeks in H's case and longer in Jack's, they more or less behaved(!) and we had a lovely day with Spring-like temperatures and SUNSHINE - a bit at least :-)

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