Tuesday, 3 March 2009

National Occupational Standards for barefoot

Well, finally after a long lead time, at a meeting organised by Lantra yesterday, there was unanimous agreement on the way forward for barefoot - the development of national occupational standards which will underpin training for the future. 

The meeting was, I think, historic (in barefoot terms!) because for the first time, all the main UK barefoot organisations, and the welfare charities, farriery associations and veterinary representatives not only met each other but agreed that the way forward was to put in place standards for barefoot trimming, covering not only trimming but nutrition, environment and exercise and equine behaviour - a holistic approach (which UKNHCP training has had since the beginning!) that will help improve overall horse health and welfare  as well as hoof health. 

It seems likely that this will be the start of much more knowledge-sharing across farriery and barefoot, which will be very valuable for all of us,  and will hopefully end some of the strange divisions that have been perceived between barefoot and farriery. 

All good stuff, and a very good day for the horse, I think :-)

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