Monday, 16 March 2009

Just utterly gorgeous...

...down here at the moment - warm, sunny, Spring is springing and the lambs are boinging in the field - it feels like a well-deserved treat after a long, cold winter :-)

Andy and Jack went hunting on Saturday, on the first really warm day - I unfortunately couldn't go, as I was on Mary Bromiley's course all weekend, but apparently they had a marvellous time and Jack was such a sweetheart that Andy hasn't yet stopped smiling!

I've started turning the horses out at night, as the grass is beginning to come through and it will be a lot safer for them that way than going out on it during the daytime. 

They were thrilled to be out on fields which they have been banned from since last summer, and there was much wild abandon initially, as they reacquainted themselves with the boundaries. 

So far so good, Charlie and Hector hunted today and were on very good form, and I will carry on with that regime unless the weather turns nasty again. 

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