Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Wounded soldier :-(

Poor Conto...

He was out hunting with me on Monday and was a little star. We were out most of the day, and spent the first hour and a half catching up with the rest of the field in the mist and fog, but he was fabulous. He has certainly learnt the lesson that sometimes we need to keep on a narrow path - last time out he ignored me and fell into a bog up to his middle, but he has got the message now, and was definitely more mountain goat than show-jumping warmblood, which makes both of us much happier :-)

We were having a lovely day, and he was not putting a foot wrong, but then in the middle of it all, through no fault of his own, he was kicked by another horse (which of course had shoes on) and whacked him good and proper :-(

Poor Con was hopping, with blood pumping out of his leg in the middle of nowhere and miles from home - isn't it always the way... After some first aid, we limped home looking very sorry for ourselves. Andy took over once we got home, and fortunately, it turned out to look a lot worse than it really was; Con seems lots better today, although his leg still has a nasty bruise and cut, but he so doesn't deserve his bad luck...


cptrayes said...

That's exactly why I never hunted Jazz even though I had a subscription. The risk just seemed too high to take. I hope Conto's OK.


Nic Barker said...

Thanks, he is lots better - he was 95% sound in trot today, and its healed up really well.

It was a shame, but I still don't think hunting is especially dangerous - after hundreds of days out, with lots of different horses, this is the first time we've been kicked.

We're just lucky, aren't we, that we don't have to worry about our own horses doing such damage if they kick each other out in the field ;-)