Saturday, 12 April 2008

Charlie the superstar

Andy and Charlie went hunting yesterday, and got home some time after 6pm :-)

Both were looking as pleased as punch, and Andy said they had one of the best days ever - fast, fun, and Charlie was an absolute superstar.
What a good boy he is now that he has found his niche, and he has boundless confidence now and is convinced he knows everything about hunting (Charlie, not Andy...).

He is like a mountain goat across the moor, up and down the steepest terrain, and unlike Bailey he is never melodramatic (!)

There was a photographer from the Telegraph out as well, so look out for pictures of the pair of them on the front page ;-)


cptrayes said...

No wif I was allowed to hunt in a raincoat I might go out too! Why do we have to wear hunt jackets and get soaked if it rains?


Nic Barker said...

Sounds potty to me...You wouldn't catch any of us out in bad weather without the full monty - Andy was only partially dressed for bad weather - the waterproof trews are reserved for even worse days :-)