Saturday, 19 April 2008


Following on from Dex's star performance on Thursday, there was another big day for us yesterday. Felix, Bailey and Charlie were all going hunting - nothing unusual there - but Felix was going as the mount of our ex master, whose own (shod) horse had been injured.

Although he is a star, and I knew he would behave well, I was still a bit nervous on the way to the meet...but then I switched on the radio, and the Beeb were playing "Barefootin'" on Radio 2 :-) I couldn't have asked for a better omen ;-)

There were lots of visitors at the meet, down from Cheshire, Ledbury, Newmarket - all over the place - and as usual there were lots of comments about the fact that our horses had no shoes on, and comments like "So, you just don't bother with shoes then?" Sometimes you just feel that there is not enough time to explain all about natural hoofcare, so on those occasions I just smile and say that the horses seem to cope really well without them.... :-)

The weather was pretty evil, with a biting east wind and horrible sleety showers, which Charlie hated, especially when it was in his face - well, who could blame him? I wasn't enjoying it either...We had a good day, overall, though, and most importantly, Felix and his new rider hit it off brilliantly. I'll hope to take some photos next time!

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