Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Scores on the doors...

Our neighbours are doing some building work, which means that there are various exciting things on the lane at the moment - a digger, a dumper truck, several vans, a trailer or 2, some piles of sand and a big mound of scalpings. In addition of course to extra people milling about and whacking things with sledgehammers.

All this provides the horses here with excellent opportunities to demonstrate their impeccable manners, as they have to pass the building works to go out up the lane...(!)

Over the last few days I have been scoring them on their behaviour, and giving them extra points if there are extenuating circumstances:

Dexter: flawless manners, bombproof, 10 points; bonus points as he is a relatively new arrival (5 points) and goes past just as well on his own (5 points): Total: 20

Ghost: rushes slightly, and would think about spooking if something happened dramatically; nevertheless good to go past; 8 points. Deduct 3 penalty points as he is 24 and should know better. Total: 5 points

Charlie: holds it together, slightly worried, but goes. 8 points. Bonus 3 points as he is genuinely worried and trying hard. Total 11 points

Lucy: Perfect - brave and willing: 10 points; bonus as she is newly in work (5 points) and just as good on her own (5 points): Total 20

Jack: Bombproof about the building works, but can be reluctant to go past, especially if its nearly teatime and could be more fun to stay at home: 7 points. Bonus as he is green, but genuine: 5 points. Total 12

Felix: Confident and why should building work worry anyone? 10 points. No bonus as he is too cocky already :-)

Bill: Perfect gentleman. 10 points. Bonus as he has only been here just over a week (5 points) and is trying his heart out, whether on his own or in company: 5 points. Total: 20

Con: Bombproof, lovely manners: 10 points. Bonus because he is the most long-suffering of all the horses here! 5 points. Total 15

Bailey: Minx. Spooks and shies, whether alone or in company. Had to have one-to-one tuition on how to pass the digger...Did eventually stop being so melodramatic, so 3 points. Deductions as she has seen all the kit many times before: 3 points. However is in season, so no doubt Andy will say she should have a bonus 5 points for being able to even get up in the mornings...!


cptrayes said...

I wish to protest on Felix's behalf! He can't help having been there longest and he doesn't see why he shouldn't get any bonus points when he's so brilliant.


Jane said...

PMSL - Oh, that's sooooo Bailey - did she have to go past many, MANY times???! I have a very vivid virtual picture of it!

Re Felix - lordy no, I'm with you - no bonus points allowed to smug gits, however wonderful they are

Nic Barker said...

Jane, your mental picture is going to be spot on....sigh... :-)

Caroline, Jane and I are already struggling to meet our ponies' expectations of us - any more online support from you and they will both be de-camping ;-)

cptrayes said...

They're welcome here ANY TIME :-)


sarahh said...

Oh Nic you've just had me sat here in the office in fits of giggles ... EXACTLY what i needed this morning!