Monday, 18 February 2008

New residents, and the sun still shining

Monday, and yet another day of blue skies, warm sunshine and its just a joy to be on Exmoor!

Yes, its freezing at night, but there is nearly a full moon and the stars are incredible, so what does it matter - the horses, cows and sheep are loving this weather, and we had our first lamb on Friday morning, so it feels like Spring!

Another new resident arrived on Sunday, a handsome eventer who has been diagnosed with navicular and has come here on vet referral. He has fitted in well, and is proving to be a poppet, making friends almost immediately with Conto and Felix.

Hoof photos will follow, and we hope to improve those a LOT over the next few weeks...

Finally, Conto has made it to the big time with a full day hunting on Saturday, and he got many compliments on his manners and good looks :-) He seemed to love his day out, and finished up wth extended trot up the road back to his trailer! What a good chap he is.


cptrayes said...

Are you still looking to rehome Conto? He seems to be becoming a bit of a fixture!


Nic Barker said...

I am certainly not pushing to sell him at the moment ;-) Its ironic really, because I put him on the UKNHCP website pretty cheap and his (notional!) price has definitly gone up :-)

He is just getting better and better, and its very useful to have an additional hunter (!).