Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I've done it again...

...darn it - what with horses, a hoofcare business, a (small) farm and hunting on ones' days off, the blog barely gets a look in...Can't believe I last posted on Thursday...!

The good news is that the cob mare is doing very well, apparently - stomping off over all terrain with her owner, and has been moving better than ever, so we are all very pleased.

I went to see Hercules again today, who I posted about in an earlier blog, who had terrible central sulcus splits in his frogs along with high heels.

We are slowly getting the heels back under control and his owner has done a great job on drying out and disinfecting his frogs. The back of his foot has stabilised a lot, and I am hoping it will not be too long before his heels and frogs are back to health.

His movement has improved now that he is not struggling with the poor biomechanics of high heels and long toes, and with better weather round the corner (I hope) things will get easier.

Here's an awful warning for us all....The same owner also looks after a pony, who has had severe laminitis in the past. Its growing in much better feet, and is livelier than its ever been, very happy to take small children riding and getting better and better on tough terrain, BUT it was laminitic (to the point of being almost immobile) on a very bare paddock in January - and its not the only one....just ask your local vet....anyone who is feeling complacent about their grass, BEWARE!!!

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Anonymous said...

My friends have a pony who is laminitic if fed anything at all except soaked hay, and he's dodgy even then.....