Monday, 25 February 2008

Lots on!

We have a really busy few weeks on at the moment...

We have just had Mary Bromiley holding her second clinic here, for the UKNHCP students and practitioners, which was as usual fantastically educational for all of us and enabled us to learn a huge amount more about the horses in our care.

Then next Saturday Ben Hart is running a horse handling and behaviour clinic, open to everyone, and I am hoping we will have some interesting horses here for that (!)...

A few days more and then at the beginning of March there is the first UKNHCP orientation clinic, open to our new intake of students.

In between all this, there are horses to be exercised and trimmed, as always, and lots going on on the farm as well, although I am hoping that the lambs mostly hold off until later in March, so i doubt we will have time to be bored!

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