Thursday 14 February 2008

A glorious week

..and its been feeling like Spring. T-shirt weather practically, and cloudless blue skies. It has cheered up all of us - humnas, horses, cattle, sheep - its a bit like having a weeks' holiday in Spain without leaving Exmoor :-)

The horses are all going well, and are enjoying the extra attention given to them by Samuel, my nephew who is staying for half term.

Felix and Conto went hunting yesterday, with a friend taking Felix, as he could stay out for a full day and I couldn't - he has been most unimpressed with short days over the last couple fo weeks so deserved a proper balst, and certainly got one yesterday.

We are taking Charlie for his second clear round jumping at the Calvert's indoor school tomorrow - he was great last time, and quickly mastered tiny coloured jumps and the fact of being indoors, so we are hoping to build on that tomorrow.

Ghost has been working nicely for Anita, and Jack has been working slightly less nicely for me - to be fair he was asked to go out in front yesterday afternoon, and this was a little too far out of his comfort zone, so it took us 15 minutes to get to the end of the drive (about quarter of a mile) as we had to stop and look at things in amazement many times on the way. Of course we walked home purposefully and quite happily, but its all part of the learning curve ;-)

I'll forgive him, as he was angelic to clip at the weekend and never moved a muscle :-)

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