Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A trio of updates and landings

To follow on from Eva's photos yesterday, I've added her footage - couldn't get it at the weekend but at least its here now...

I'm really pleased with how she has progressed, from a clunky, sliding landing (especially on RF and LH) to first a tentative heel first landing with a shortened stride and now - as her hooves are stronger, better able to shock absorb and loading properly - a confident correct landing with a better stride length.

This is for Rachael - obviously Dali at 4 weeks is not so far advanced as Eva but all the same he has made some progress. Initially his landing is poor on 3 out of 4 feet  - the only "good" one is the RH - but on the more recent footage his hinds are much better and even his RF (his worst foot) is starting to engage properly. He of course has a long way to go but its nice to see things start to re-balance.

Finally, Roo. I must admit I got a surprise when I looked at her new footage. When she arrived we filmed her, as always, and her dorso-palmar landing (heel/toe) didn't appear too bad - although she was tipping onto the medial side particularly of her RF.
When I added the most recent footage from yesterday, though, I was surprised by how much more solid and comfortable her landing looks. She has always been a very nice moving mare but now she really looks as if she is capable of covering the ground and - again -a better stride length.


Amy Hughes said...

Great progress again from Eva! The difference in stride length from her initial barefoot footage to now is amazing - I put my cursor on the screen where the forefoot landed and the hind foot is significantly overtracking, compared to barely tracking up while she was still 'getting the hang of it'.

Nic Barker said...

Its great to see, isn't it? :-)

Unknown said...

wow nice to see the starts of some heel landings there :) That says alot doesnt it after just a month! sorry for the late response weve had no power here and thus no internet save on my phone and it doesnt like the blog too much lol Deffo got fingers and toes crossed for him now :D