Key blog posts

This is a list of previous blog posts which talk about rehab, barefoot generally or specific hoof issues.  I've listed them here so that they are easy to find but you can also search the whole blog for information using the search box on the right hand side.
  • Research:
  • Hoof balance, conformation and symmetry: 
  • Barefoot and roadwork: 
  • Effects of shoes, peripheral loading etc: 
  • Frogs, heels and digital cushions:
  • Stride length, surfaces and concussion: 
    • Trimming and "celery":
    • "Transitioning", hoofboots etc: 
      • Bar shoes, wedges etc: 

      • Studs and slipping: 
        • Toe first and heel first landings: 
        • Farriers, trimmers and training: 
        • Horses who "can't go barefoot", TB hooves, thin soles, feet too short etc: 
          • "Experts", human nature etc: 
            • Grass: 
            • Feeding: 
              • Management, livery yards, tracks, surfaces: