Monday, 18 June 2018

RRRR 2018

This weekend was another busy one as Becca has been hard at work for months organising this year's Rockley Rehabs' Reunion Ride - and this time we were in Derbyshire.
The beautiful Peak district was the back drop to a wonderful 4 day ride which took in some breathtaking scenery.
Unfortunately I couldn't get away from here till Thursday but still Peter, Kira, Felix and I managed a fantastic couple of days and covered just over 25 miles - the full ride was nearly 60 miles.
Although the clouds looked threatening we stayed dry and in fact the sun shone for most of the time!
Mango, the last horse standing, who stomped round 60 miles and looked better than ever by the end, though he maybe now thinks that eventing is an easier option?!
We passed beautiful villages with picture perfect cottage gardens and gorgeous limestone bridges and buildings were everywhere.
We even had the chance to gallop about on pristine turf at Chatsworth, much to the astonishment of groups of runners who were out on Saturday morning.
Isla and Felix - the 2 arch-poseurs, loving it up for the cameras, as ever(!)...
If you get the chance to ride up in Derbyshire I would highly recommend it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The most wonderful time...

...of the year...

Beats Christmas for me every time :-). June is very early for us to be making haylage but for the past few years the weather has been so tricky from July onwards that I thought we would just go for it while the weather was perfect.

Of course with it being so early we have not made as much as normal but its lovely stuff and its a great feeling to have it done and dusted.