Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tabby's first photos

Our final arrival of the weekend was Tabby, the only horse to arrive in shoes although the others had all been shod fairly recently.
As you can see, the shoes are intended to provide "support" for the palmar hoof but in fact simply mean that the foot becomes more under-run.
Given that the palmar hoof is the area needing support, its clear from this angle that the shoe is counter-productive as it loads the foot towards the toe and leaves the heels and digital cushion unsupported, in fact.
The other issue, common with pads and wedges, is that the underlying frog and sole are prone to softening and infection. You can see the central sulcus split on this frog which is impossible to clean or disinfect in pads. 
 This is Tabby's worse foot, in terms of her landing (she is landing toe first on this foot and heel first on the left front). On MRI she has bilateral damage to navicular and pedal bones and DDFT damage.
Again, for me the remedial shoes are not really helping this foot, even though I am sure they were put on with the best of intentions.
However the frog underneath is ironically in better shape than the frog on her left foot, so we shall see.
Tabby's footage is here:

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Dolly's feet

These feet belong to Dolly, another arrival from Sunday. She has been diagnosed on MRI with a DDFT tear to the left foot and bilateral navicular bursitis and DDFT anomalies.
Of course the contracted frog and heels are obvious and of course she is landing toe first on both front feet but she is actually not as unsound as you might expect, at least on a soft surface.
 However this is not  an issue which has suddenly occurred overnight and so logically its going to take time for Dolly's feet to improve and strengthen.
As you can see from his angle she also has splits in her frog's central sulcus which have been difficult to deal with, particularly given the way she is landing. 

 Lets hope that there will be some good changes from Dolly in a few weeks' time.
Her footage is here:

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

New boy Brandy

Our second new arrival Brandy has come here following a diagnosis on MRI of DDFT and navicular bone damage resulting in right front lameness. This first appeared in April 2016 and has psersisted despite surgery, rest and remedial farriery; more recently has been medicated with corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid.

They aren't the worst feet in the world by any stretch of the imagination but he is landing toe first, intermittently flat, on both so there is clearly work to be done in improving his palmar hoof health.
The left seems to be his better foot, as you'd expect from the diagnostic findings, but the digital cushion is under-developed.

This foot is more upright which is typical when there has been a long term lameness.
Although his frogs are weak there are no splits which should be in his favour as he starts to develop a stronger foot.
Brandy's footage is here:

Monday, 6 November 2017

New feet for November

We have some new arrivals among the rehab horses for November. I will get their photos up over the next few days and I am starting with Wales who appropriately enough has come from Wales.
He has a long term left front lameness and this is clearly his weaker foot. It has a central sulcus split and his digital cushion is also less developed.
Its no surprise he is landing toe first on this foot but he does land better on his right foot which he is sounder on.
Nevertheless this is also a foot in need of work so I will be hoping for some dramatic changes to his feet over the next few weeks. 
His footage is here:

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The new book...

...has now been published by Crowood and is available in all its shiny spick-and-span glory!

It is available directly from them as a paperback or e-book via this link:,-Performance-Horse at a discounted price. 

Thanks to all those who have already provided great reviews and I hope you enjoy the book and find it useful!