Thursday, 23 November 2017

Dolly's first fortnight

On to photos of Dolly and at last the sun has come out again which has made everything so much easier, even if its still absolutely saturated underfoot! Dolly had cosmetically the worst feet when she arrived a couple of weeks ago but she was far from the lamest horse here.
Her palmar hoof was very under-developed but is beginning to be more balanced, an encouraging sign.
Although her frog looks narrower now its actually healthier with the split gone. Her heels are of course very contracted but are moving back so her foot is now more supportive than it was. 
This foot more clearly shows the improvement in her palmar hoof which is less under-run and more upright.
This foot has a central sulcus split which is healing but which will take time. Frog stimulus will play an essential role in helping this to resolve.
 A weedy foot, there is no doubt, and she is still landing toe first but its very early days and she is showing some signs of improvement.

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