Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Brandy's first fortnight

I've only been able to get a partial selection of Brandy's comparison photos because the weather has been so gloomy for the last couple of days. I will try to take new comparison shots later today and post the remaining photos then. 
As usual, the top photo is from the day he arrived and the lower photo is yesterday. The biggest change is in his frog and the placement of his heels which is exactly what we are wanting to see at this point. 
He was landing worse on this foot when he arrived and he still has a toe first landing today but that is not uncommon at this stage as horses would normally only manage to change from toe first to heel first within 2 weeks if they have better-than-normal palmar hooves.  
The toe on his right foot is also shortening and his frog and heels loading better but he already had a better landing on this foot when he arrived. 

I'll update the rest of his photos as soon as I can. 

Edited to add his missing photos: 


Unknown said...

A quick question. It looks like the frogs are actually narrower in the "after" photos, although I can see the improvement as you've described. Do they get wider at the heel as a result of the toes coming back eventually?

Nic Barker said...

Hi Christine,

I've just added his additional photos which will I hope make things clearer. The frogs are in fact broader now if anything, as you can see if you compare them in the caudal photos. I can't make the photos perfectly to scale so the sizes are not directly comparable between photos.

Hope that helps!