Friday, 20 July 2012

Dali - 6 week update

While we are on the subject of updates, here is one for Rachael, whose horse Dali arrived here 6 weeks ago, and who has been patiently waiting since I posted new footage of him
Here are comparison shots of his RF - his worst foot - from his day of arrival and at 6 weeks. Like Candy, he has shortened his toe without anyone trimming or interfering with him. As his palmar hoof has become stronger the toe has come back of its own volition. 
You can also see that his hoof growth is making good progress, as the big event line (previously in the top third of his foot and  now over halfway down) indicates. 
Here are his sole shots. His frog wasn't bad before but because he was landing toe first it was weak and his heels were under-run. Today his frog is less contracted and his heels are less under-run, though its not as dramatic on his hooves as on some. M/l balance is also changing  - more on that in a few moer weeks!
The palmar shot shows more clear-cut improvements. 
Contrasting the original photos (the top pictures) with the lower ones, the difference is obvious: a broader frog, more robust digital cushion and shorter hoof wall.
Because Dali has had such long term lameness, there is still lots to do, but at least we are heading in the right direction still :-)


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Is there magic in your water?!!! I never see that much growth on my horse's hoof and I'm at 6 weeks (longest I've gone without trim)

Nic Barker said...

LOL! We have to work fast, Kristen - they are usually only here for 12 weeks :-)

Unknown said...

*rubs eyes* thats amazing for 6 weeks!!!! Like Kristen says thats the 'normal' time between trims and the difference is just astounding! Im betting hes feels like hes got a new lease of life on those feet and hes still got alot to do! For the half way mark I couldnt ask for better, Im just so so soo glad hes there :) Almost never want him to come home and bet he never wants to leave either lol x