Sunday, 29 July 2012

The result of a long and stressful week..

Thanks for all your good wishes - they worked, and it all came right in the end, mostly thanks to a last minute save by Edward and John, who came to bale at very short notice after I'd been let down by the balers I'd booked. 
That meant a 2.30am finish on Thursday and another late one on Friday, but the weather was incredible and for once rain wasn't a worry.
The horses, cattle and sheep are very pleased - they are now allowed back on the hayfields for the first time in months and as you can see there is a new addition to the Rockley crew. Mr Knightley is back for a few weeks while the owner of his yard is off to the US and he has settled straight back in like he'd never been away - its lovely to see him again!

As from tomorrow I will be back on track with the blog, too, with lots to report :-)


Hannah said...

Bravissima! So glad your forage is sorted in such a brief window.

Nic Barker said...

Thank you Hannah :-)

jenj said...

So glad your hay came out great and is all tidied away for the winter! Now, go get some sleep!