Tuesday, 3 July 2012

If anyone is looking for a stunning rescue dog...

...this link has appeared on dogsblog: http://www.dogsblog.com/tulip-5/

You may have seen that we have a fab new addition to the Rockley gang, whom we picked up last week from NW Vizsla Rescue. He is the most affectionate dog you could ever meet and is proving to be an absolute joy (though clueless so far about livestock - like this girl, but its fun to have a training challenge!).

According to Helga, who rescued our boy, this is likely to be his sister so if anyone is looking for a stunning new family member (big, gorgeous and uber-cuddly) then you should go and check her out in Southampton pronto.

This link is also a pretty awful indication of what happens when backyard breeders churn out puppies with no care or thought for their futures. These 2 got lucky and ended up in rescue but who knows what happened to the others.

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Wolfie said...

Congratulations on your new addition!