Sunday, 8 July 2012

The boys done good!

Despite the lack of anything approaching real summer, the rehab horses who've gone back home have been pretty busy. Great updates have come in on several of them today...
First up, Nikki and Dom:

"Just wanted to give you a quick update on Domino from our flatwork clinic today! I went in expecting it to be pretty terrible if I'm honest, more because we haven't had any lessons in years but I think Dom must have decided to show me what he can do with his new hooves because it was amazing! 

He did some lovely trot work, tracking up really nicely and using himself properly without me even really needing to ask him. We had a couple of lovely canters resulting in the instructor, who used to teach us as well as schooling Dom herself a few times a week, saying she's never seen him move so nicely. The best canter she's seen him do and he looks really comfortable and happy!

These comments coupled with some lovely positive words from a fellow livery who was watching, and the comments from his osteopath saying he's never felt better to her either make me so glad I sent him to you back in February. I cannot thank you enough for setting us on this road and you can rest assured that I will continue to do everything I can to keep Dom as happy in himself as he is right now.

I have a supercob and I'm determined to take him out to do a dressage test at the beginning of August so watch this space for updates! So proud of him and all that he is and can do. "

Its always lovely when a physio/osteo/chiro who has worked on a horse for many years and knows them well re-assesses them after rehab, and great when instructors also notice how much better horses are moving on comfortable feet :-) Way to go Nikki, and lovely to hear about your and Dom's aims for the future - a supercob indeed!
I have also heard that Ginger is still on top form - he has not only qualified for the North West Showing Championships with Richard but Danielle has been jumping with him for the first time in 2 years - he went clear, of course :-)
And last but not least, Mr Knightley is looking good in his new home in Shropshire - here showing off for Debbie when she went to visit!

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M's mum said...

Brilliant updates - it must be great for you, Nic, to keep in touch with ex-rehabs and see how well they do.