Monday, 23 July 2012

Fingers crossed...!

Blogging will be interrupted this week - finally the sun has broken through, we have a good forecast for a few days of high pressure and warm dry weather and  - like the rest of the south of England - we are cutting grass and making haylage...

Please keep everything crossed for us that the forecasters have got it right - I'm in for a few sleepless nights as always till everything is baled and wrapped!
Meanwhile, here is a lovely photo of Paddy which Debbie has sent me - nice and clean this time! Paddy went home in February after a somewhat bumpy rehab which included him having colic surgery to remove a lipoma, poor boy.

Great to see what a fantastic recovery he has made and well done him and Debbie for coming a very respectable third  - with their best score to date - in a local dressage event :-)  Brilliant news!


Nicky said...

Well done Debbie! I bet you have as much fun getting Paddy looking clean as I do Dillon! Great to hear you are both doing well x

Debbie & Paddy said...

Thanks Nicky and well done to you and Dillon too. Sounds like it is all coming together nicely! The weather has been kind to grey horse owners this week - looks like that is set to change next week. Hopefully catch up with you in September at the reunion x