Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What a difference even a week can make

I keep banging on about how rehab is a continuing process once a horse goes home and here is a perfect demonstration by Bryan and Charlotte.  These are screenshots from Bryan's latest update video, but they tell a very interesting story.
Here he is a week after he went home  - no longer lame, in consistent work, level and moving nicely but still weak behind and still building his strength up.
This is him a week later - much more engaged and powerful movement, better reach and balance and altogether a more impressive picture.  Its a great demonstration of how essential ongoing work is to these horses and how they continue to improve.  Bryan has also had a visit from his physio and this sort of work can also be a huge help for horses during rehab.

The "best" movement is dependent on sound feet, of course, but its only once they are in place that the horse can start to build strength, flexibility, balance and confidence.  And the other essential is exercise - mileage - and of course beautifully sympathetic riding from Charlotte.  

Really the feet, though important, are only the start of it!

For those who'd like to see all Bryan's updated footage, its below, with some gorgeous shots of him landing heel first on the treadmill at the beginning.


Charlotte B said...

Thank you Nic for your compliments about my riding! The 'sympathetic' ride I think is important in these videos as I am not trying to show him off at his best but to show him as he really is so I resist engaging him, balancing him and collecting him too much, and let him move naturally. The flying change (as poor as it was) is in fact a HUGE improvement as when he was in the early stages of lameness it was the first thing he started resisting doing.

Nic Barker said...

That's so true, Charlotte - if they are forced into shapes they usually just end up compensating wrongly elsewhere, whereas when they are able to find better movement for themselves its actually more correct as well as more able.

jenj said...

A very tactful ride indeed! Bryan looks like he's trying very hard but at points just can't quite hold it together. I love how his rider allows him to find him balance again without fuss. He looks like such a lovely boy and a wonderful ride!