Friday, 25 May 2012

The pocket rocket flies!

I had to add these photos just for a bit of Friday fun - they were taken last Saturday when we all went up to Treborough to have a blast at the Chipstable Hunter Trials.
I've already blogged about Lainey and Bailey, who looked great and had lots of fun, but I didn't have any photos of Felix and me till later in the week. I've got an order in with the photographer which hasn't arrived yet so in the meantime these screenshots are thanks to Jayphotos :-)
You've got to love the pocket rocket - he hasn't jumped at all  - not even a stick - since September last year and he goes out and flies clear, loving every minute of it. He's so genuine that even on corners and skinnies all you need to do is line him up and he does the rest - he locks on like a guided missile - awesome!
As you can see, this is one committed pony! Its hard to find the time to go out competing but I am going to try and do a bit more this summer because it is seriously good fun... :-)


M's mum said...

Love these pics, it looks like such good fun!

jenj said...

So cute! So sproingy! And he takes his job SO seriously... love it!

Charlotte B said...

Looking good!

cptrayes said...

Well he would, wouldn't he?

He's Irish!!!

C :-)

Nic Barker said...

Thanks guys - Charlotte, I take that as a compliment coming from someone who jumps proper jumps :-)

C - if only it worked for Bailey as well(!). There is nothing on this weekend and Felix and I are on duty catching racehorses next weekend so we won't get out again for at least 2 weeks :-( I've got the bug again now!

Jassy Mackenzie said...

Such stunning pics and talented horse! He really loves his jumping!