Thursday 24 May 2012

Dom strides out

Domino has - amazingly - been here 12 weeks.  He'll be going home soon and it won't seem the same without him. Everyone who has met him remembers him - I'm not sure whether its the moustache, the fuzzy-felt facial hair, the blue eyes or the amazing contrast between his apparently lazy appearance in the barn and his Energizer bunny mentality when he is out and about, but he is certainly unique!
When he arrived, Dom was already landing heel first (just!) but its interesting to chart his progress. The full clip is below but here are a couple of stills
There is a big contrast between when he arrived, at the end of February in his Natural Balance shoes... comparison with today - a more definite landing, better extension in the swing phase of the stride and evidently more comfortable and better able to shock absorb. Although his heels look lower out of shoes, they are actually stronger.


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

What a difference!! U have motivated me to get slo mo video of how my boy walks!!

amandap said...

Amazing difference. Way to go Dom.

I'll miss you on the blog when you go home but bet your owner can't wait. lol x

Bikerchickone said...

Love the energizer bunny comparison! I really can't wait to get him home as I miss him so much, but I'll still be giving Nic lots of updates and of course will be posting about his progress on facebook and HHO! He isn't going to disappear! :) x