Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Quick update on Eva the Diva

A quick update as my computer is being rather sickly today and felt horribly on the verge of crashing and losing everything, which it did this time last year, to my horror. Supposedly everything is now backed up but it still worries me...Just time however for comparison photos of Eva, which I promised Amy I would post.
Last time I put up shots of her RF, which is her worst foot, so for a change I thought I would show you the progress on her better foot - LF - today. 
Isn't it interesting how overall balance changes out of shoes? Draw an imaginary line round the hoof capsule (including the shoe) in the top photo then do the same on her hoof as she is today.  It makes it easier to visualise how much shorter the toe is and how much less boxy the foot is overall.  Eva is making relatively slow progress but - as we know from her MRI - she had a severe DDFT tear so that perhaps isn't surprising.  However, its good to see the better angle of the new hoof capsule which is always an encouraging sign. 
Here is the progress of the same foot from the solar view - from remedial shoes...
...recently out of shoes...
and today. 
Its taking her a while, but she certainly seems to be getting the hang of it :-)
Keep going, Eva - you'll get there!

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