Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Abbey arrives from France...

These feet belong to new boy Abbey.  He is a properly multinational horse - born in Ireland (he is a registered Connemara) owned by a Scot, living in France and now here on Exmoor for rehab.
Here he is once his shoes came off, meeting Felix and Charlie for the first time. Luckily he has arrived in wonderful weather, making the transition from France less of a shock!
Here are his feet before his shoes came off. He has been diagnosed with sidebone by his French vet (who to my relief is perfectly fluent in English and -more importantly - supportive of Abbey coming here).
Abbey was shod in remedial shoes in France, with pads and "onion" shoes.
As always, there will be more shots of his feet in the next few weeks. 


jenj said...

Another bay? You're going to have to tag them all to keep track!

I'm not familiar with sidebone - maybe you could explain a little more in future posts? Have you ever had a horse at Rockley with that diagnosis?

Nic Barker said...

No, he's dun, Jen, so easy to spot ;-) We've had horses here with sidebone before but usually with something else as well. Abbey has been diagnosed by rads, not MRI, so we have no information about possible soft tissue damage,only that he has bone changes.