Monday, 7 May 2012

All about Eva

Eva's owners came to visit this weekend - Eva has been here for just under 6 weeks and is still at a relatively early stage of her rehab but she was delighted to be out and about with her family once more...
 ...the only problem was - should she look at my camera or Paul's camera...?
On the first day, Paul was relegated to slogging it on foot, but the next day he made it back on board and Amy borrowed Felix.   
 I took Charlie, whom I thought would be very annoyed as we weren't hunting (he normally refuses to go exercising) but he was on surprisingly good form - he is fond of Eva so perhaps she has had a good influence on him.
 Eva made it up hill, down dale and through the water without incident and demonstrated her good manners by doing the odd gate as well...
...and due to the cancellation of Badminton, she even had some foot followers here to cheer her on and shut the trickier gates, which was a god-send - thanks Helen and Emily!
We also put her on a circle and as you would expect from a horse who has been diagnosed with a severe DDFT tear she still has issues with both her RF and LH - the RF has both the DDFT tear and a central sulcus split but both of those are improving.

Rehab, as always, is a progressive, slow change from one pattern of movement to another and Eva has to (literally) make gradual steps towards better biomechanics.
Eva from Nic Barker on Vimeo.

Looking at her footage, its interesting to look in particular at her RF and LH and the change in landing. I need to add her photos, and will get those up for comparison as soon as I can, but its been a busy weekend!


jenj said...

A water crossing, in your field. What an odd concept!

Eva looks lovely, and Charlie sounds like he's quite smitten with her. Perhaps he just needs the proper motivation for exercising?

Nic Barker said...

LOL - that's our idea of a drought, Jen(!). One day it might stop raining... :-(

Charlie - well, the motivation is hounds, basically - roll on the end of July!