Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Three week hoof comparisons, part 2

 Sorry, I meant to add these on Monday but the week has got away from me. Its wonderful having dry sunny weather but its so cold that everything has frozen in the barn and I am having to bring water either from the house or from the stream! Anyway, here we go with the second part of the hoof comparisons...

This is Mojo's worse foot, with a particularly contracted frog (and nasty central sulcus split). There is a long way to go but his heels are deconstructing slowly. 
They are slightly less of a pincer shape today (below) than they were when he arrived, and his central sulcus split is no longer painful which is a good sign. We use medical grade manuka honey to keep infection at bay as much as possible and an improving landing should also help him. 
With Merlin, whose feet already looked pretty reasonable, there is less to see but as with Mojo he has a better landing and his frog and heels are becoming more robust. 
Both Merlin and Mojo have started working on the roads which is a great way to improve palmar hoof strength once a horse has a good enough landing. 
Isla is the last of today's horses and its good to see that her palmar hoof has also started to develop - again the original photo is at the top and today's is below. 
Instead of the widest point of the foot being towards the toe, it is shifting back as her frog and digital cushion improve. 

It is early days for all these horses but it is looking positive so far. 

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Karen B in so california said...

Love seeing the hoofs change/improve. The widest point of the foot shifting from the toe area toward the back is fascinating. Thank you for these posts.