Friday, 5 February 2021

Just for fun, hoof comparisons 3 weeks in...

 Three weeks is early to be seeing proper changes in hooves but as I was working them today I decided to get some photos as their feet were nice and clean and, although the weather has been pretty relentlessly wet over the last week they have all made some good progress. 

Since this is only a quick check in, rather than a full scale review, I've only grabbed sole shots as the preliminary changes usually show up there first.

As usual, all these changes have ocurred without any trimming being required.
These first 2 photos show Astro on day 1 (at the top) and today (above). He had reasonably good frogs but was in shoes when he arrived; its good to see how well he has adjusted to work barefoot. 

There are some nice changes with his toe shortening and his heels and bars now becoming more supportive and beginning to move further back so his foot is properly underneath him. 

These are Jules' feet - the school does a fantastic job of cleaning hooves, only snow is better!

Again, 3 week is very early days and Jules is still only working in the school, unlike Astro who has just started roadwork, but I am pleased with the changes that have started. 

If you compare the original shot (at the top) with today's (below) you see similar changes to Astro, with a developing frog, heels which are becoming more supportive and a shorter toe. 

I'll post quick comparisons for the other horses as well in the next day or so!

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Kate & Jon said...

Both have changed huge amounts! Couldn’t be more pleased with the start Jules has made here in just 3 weeks - looks like a different hoof! ­čś│❤️