Monday, 22 February 2021

Asking for feedback...

 Good morning everyone, at last the sun is shining and it feels as if spring really is about to spring and here on Exmoor we are all lapping up the brightness - hope there is some for you as well!

The reason for today's blog is to ask for your feedback. 

Alicia Harlov, who I have worked with before and who does the excellent "The Humble Hoof" podcast, and I are planning to run a series of webinars, as we can't get together in person. 

We want to cover a whole range of topics - from hoof care and nutrition to saddle fit and training, anatomy, dentistry, biomechanics and much more - working with specialists in these areas and exploring how what we do and how our horses live impacts their health, wellbeing and performance. 

We would love your ideas about topics and how it might run, so if you could complete this very short survey we would really appreciate it:

You can also send comments to me at or to Alicia at

Thank you!

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