Thursday, 27 August 2020

Ophelia's 8 week update

As I was away last week this is a late update but we're really pleased with Ophelia's progress after a slightly slow start. As usual, her original photos are the upper ones with the recent ones below. 
There is a good angle of new growth here and generally a more stable stance, although as you can see she is still reluctant to stand square for more than a short time. 
A much better foot from the sole shot, with a healthier frog and more supportive palmar hoof. She is self-trimming and has made these changes without any additional trimming being done. 

She was fairly slow to start landing heel first but now she is able to do that her digital cushion is improving as well. 

Again you can see the better angle of growth - this is the foot she is less willing to load so will probably take a few more weeks to catch up with the RF. 

Nevertheless its already a more balanced foot which is helping her to feel more capable and confident. 

Looking at hairline is a good way to assess balance and you can see that her medio-lateral balance is improving now, with a more substantial digital cushion and healthier foot. 
Ophelia's comparison footage is here:


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