Monday, 31 August 2020

New week, new feet: Valentina

Busy weekend again with new horses arriving yesterday and now settling in. These are Valentina's feet, she is a PRE who has been diagnosed with navicular damage via x-ray and has a clear toe first landing - her footage is below. 
As you can see from the sole shots, the landing has led to a weak palmar hoof with an under-run heel and narrowed frog.  
As the foot runs under it exacerbates the lack of support to the back of the foot, creating a vicious circle of poor landing and under-stimulated heel, making the foot even weaker. 
As the frog has contracted you can see the beginning of a central sulcus split. This should improve once she has a better landing but its good to catch these issues before they become a source of pain in their own right.
It is a similar story on the other foot, with mostly there same issues. She is also landing slightly laterally, a media-lateral imbalance which you can see more clearly below. 

Overall she is slightly stronger on this foot but both need to strengthen - we'll update with news on Valentina soon. 

Her footage is here:

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