Saturday, 29 August 2020

Jazz's 8 week update

More update photos, these are Jazz's and are also late, with apologies. Sam has been away for the week so I am doing his work as well, which is my excuse (brings out tiny violin...!). 

Regular blog readers may remember that Jazz already had a decent landing when she arrived, though had been toe first a short while before she came here. 

The changes in her feet are subtle but significant - she has a better angle of new growth in the top of the hoof capsule and a shorter toe. 

She has made good progress and is a good example of the fact that older horses (she is 20) can do as well or better - and quicker - than the youngsters when it comes to improving hooves and soundness. 

As she was already heel first there are no dramatic changes here but her foot now has more functional stability and strength. 
Her digital cushion will be developing the longer she goes on with a better landing - her palmar hoof is working well now and should be protecting her much more effectively. 

Jazz'z footage is here:

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