Monday, 16 March 2020

New boy Wilberry

The arrival of Spring yesterday coincided with the arrival of new horse Wilberry (great name!) who has come from Dorset. 
He has a diagnosis of collateral ligament damage, worse on the left front, so this is his better foot. Its not bad but rather flat and he has some interesting growth rings on both feet.
Wilberry was fairly short-striding on arrival and worse on a circle on the left rein than the right but  he was comfortable in himself and was happy to move about on the tracks. 

On his left foot he has a central sulcus split in the middle of his frog which we will keep an eye on. Its not too sore and hopefully a few doses of medical grade manuka honey will improve things. 
In his footage Wilberry is landing flat/toe first and so this is the first improvement we'd want to see. Despite his diagnosis his medio-lateral balance isn't too bad - if anything worse on the left but the lateral tip is only marginal.

Wilberry's initial footage is here:

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