Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Guinness on St Patrick's Day

It seems appropriate enough to post photos and footage of new horse Guinness on St Paddy's day, even though he didn't arrive today. He is an eventer who like Wilberry has come from Dorset and also has had a long standing lameness. 
On MRI Guinness has bilateral navicular bone and DDFT damage and he has also been diagnosed with a chip fracture to his navicular bone. He's been rested but things have not really improved. 
The photos show a fairly long toe and under-run heel with weak frogs and palmar hoof generally, as you'd expect with his diagnosis. 
When filmed Guinness is landing flat/toe first with a medio-lateral imbalance which is worse on his right foot and is causing him to overload the lateral heel. 
This is a fairly weak foot, as you can see, and his frogs are showing that he has been only on soft ground for the last few months but this should improve quite quickly once he is on the tracks. 
Guinness' footage is here and we will post more on him very soon: https://vimeo.com/398183943

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