Saturday, 14 March 2020

Ella's 8 week update

In quick succession, because we are late, here are Ella's photos. Again, her original photo is at the top and the most recent photo is the lower one. The changes are subtle but her stance is better and her toe is shorter, a good sign that the back of her foot is stronger than it was.

From this angle the shortening of the toe is more obvious as her frog has developed. This is still a weak foot and I would expect further changes over the next few months.
Sorry the shots are not better comparable, but you should be able to see that her heels are lower and her digital cushion is building up.                 

This is the foot which she improved on first and I would guess its a few weeks ahead of the other front foot in terms of palmar hoof development. 
This is a much better frog and stronger foot and we would want to see something similar in a few more weeks on her right foot as well. Like us, horses generally have asymmetry between their front feet and so its usually the case that one foot is better than the other and improves more quickly. Thats fine, we just need to see the other foot catching up over time.

Not the best shots I am afraid but a less under-run and more balanced back of the foot.

Ella's footage is here:

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