Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mac and the 15 week update

Mac went home yesterday and I grabbed some photos before he left. He stayed longer than the normal 12 weeks as Emma was off on the holiday of a lifetime so we got to keep him an extra 3 weeks, so these are 15 week comparison photos, an exciting increase on what I can typically take!
As usual the upper photo is day 1, the lower one today. The biggest difference in the new growth visible in the top of the hoof capsule along with the shorter toe.  Mac's landing has been consistently heel first for a good few weeks now and his medio-lateral balance is now solid, giving his feet proper support.  
You can see that the shorter toe is because the whole back of the foot is more established now, with a stronger frog and deeper collateral grooves, indicating better sole depth. None of this has been achieved with trimming, its all down to work and surfaces.
There is a big difference between a boxy foot with a weak frog and the same foot with a fully functioning frog! Again, the change is not about lowering heels but about building the frog and digital cushion.  The foot today has an established heel first landing which will only get better with more mileage.  
This foot had a worse landing than the right on arrival and again there is a clearly different angle of growth and the changes stem from a stronger palmar hoof.  
A very much better palmar hoof today which is also visibly more balanced.  
Mac's footage is on his earlier blog posts so do check that out if you are interested. 

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