Monday, 3 June 2019

Harvey - new post for a new arrival

Harvey actually arrived on Friday but it has been a busy weekend and so I've only just uploaded his photos and video and assessed them properly.

He has been shod until recently and has also had various therapies to try and improve his lameness over the last few years. Recently though it has worsened and so our job is to try and improve his landing and enable his feet too strengthen in the hopes of giving him better long term soundness.
At the moment he is lamest on his RF which is also the foot with the worse landing (his footage is below) so that will be the focus over the next days and weeks.
As you can see, he is reluctant to load this foot and is weight bearing much more on the LF. The frog and heels on this foot are weak and contracted although he has typically robust Welsh cob hooves, which is a good sign for the future I hope.
 On this foot as well he has a central sulcus split which I think is contributing to his discomfort, although often this can be chicken and egg, with the split forming as the horse lands badly and the bad landing adding to the risk of infection. As always there will be more on Harvey very soon.

Harvey's initial footage is here:

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