Thursday, 20 June 2019

DB's first 2 weeks

New boy DB has been here just over a couple of weeks and although his landing is still toe first, which is hardly surprising at this stage, I wanted to post some new photos because his feet are already changing. 
We can only work him on easy surfaces at the moment so progress is inevitably slower than once we can use roadwork as well but the tracks are doing a good job of providing stimulus to his palmar hoof and slowly starting to develop it. 
This is his lamer foot and when he arrived he rested it much of the time but that is becoming less noticeable as he gets more comfortable.
There are fewer changes to his left foot which was his stronger foot anyway, although of course its under-run and he was also landing toe first on this foot.
There aren't big differences to spot yet but I hope he will have made more progress by the time I post his 4 week update. 

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