Monday, 16 April 2018

Vico's first fortnight

Its update time as the rehab horses who arrived at Easter have now been here for 2 weeks. I'm starting with Vico for no particular reason and will post photos of the others as we go through the week. 
As always his initial photos are at the top and the current update is the lower photo in each case.  For Vico the biggest change so far is that his frogs and palmar hoof are starting to work harder and are loading better than they were when he arrived. 
This IS the same foot, honestly - I am not sure where his white markings have gone but as he is changing his coat pretty fast at the moment maybe he is losing a few grey hairs! 
Terrible lighting I am afraid but you should just be able to make out an improving digital cushion and less under-run foot. 
Looking rather tatty at the moment which is a function of him using the palmar hoof more. It should get prettier over the next few weeks.  
Vico's comparison footage is here:

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