Friday, 6 April 2018

Mickey's first blog post

Mickey is the last of the new arrivals, another who has been diagnosed on MRI with damage to the cartilage of the navicular bone and DDFT.
He has quite narrow, boxy feet and like the other new arrivals he has previously been shod and has only recently come out of shoes.
 Clearly his frogs and heels are contracted but Mickey is quite a tough chap and should be able to bounce back from this.

 On video he is landing toe first in front, as you would expect with his weak palmar hoof.
 He is also loading the lateral side of each front foot which typically indicates a medio-lateral imbalance. You can see on the sole shot above how the lateral side of his foot is more developed than the medial side and this is something we would want to see change over the next few weeks.

His footage is here:

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