Monday, 2 April 2018

Happy Easter and welcome to the new rehab horses

 After a short break it was a busy Easter weekend welcoming a new group of rehab horses to Rockley.  As usual, I will post their photos day by day and the first new arrival is Maysie from Essex.
Maysie is a 6 year old and has been diagnosed on MRI as having a medio-lateral imbalance and navicular changes in all 4 feet. Her palmar hooves are under-developed but could be a lot worse.
Its always particularly worrying when a young horse has lameness at such an early stage but fortunately her discomfort and poor landing were spotted quickly.

This foot looks the worst of the two if anything but as her lameness is relatively mild I hope it will quickly start to improve as her feet strengthen.
Maysie is landing toe first, as you might expect, and is also landing on the lateral side of both front feet. We need to see improvement in both these areas over the next few weeks.
Her footage is here:

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