Sunday, 24 December 2017

Wales' 7 week update

Happy Christmas to all blog readers and of course to all rehab horses and their owners, past, present and future! Before you all start tucking into the mince pies and brandy butter there is just time for an update on Wales. 
He arrived with extremely weak feet but as you can see although there is a lot still to do he has made some good changes. His foot is more upright and less under-run and his long toe is slowly coming back. 

One of the biggest challenges with Wales has been the central sulcus splits which as you can see are still a problem. Although I am treating them daily we have had incredibly wet weather which I am sure has slowed up the healing process.
However he is able to land heel first on both front feet now and that is one of the most important ways to promote better frog health. The damage to his sole at the toe in this photo is something which has occurred in the last few days and is a bit of a mystery. He was a bit tender on it initially but seems to be steadily getting better again now. 
You can see the split clearly from this angle but despite that this is a foot which is improving and the palmar hoof and digital cushion are clearly better than they were. 

This was his lamest foot and again its good to be able to see positive changes even though he has a way to go. 

Wales' New Year resolution should certainly be to deal with these splits and keep his palmar hoof heading in the right direction!

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