Thursday, 21 December 2017

Tabby's 7 week update

I am going to post updates on all the rehab horses over the next few days as they will all have been here for 8 weeks by the time we get to a few days after Christmas. 
Tabby was the only one who came in shoes and as I posted in her previous update its ironic that the shoes were intended for support. In fact her foot is far better supported out of shoes, as you can see if you study the back of her foot and how much less under-run it is now.
Similarly the shoes and pads actually restricted the function of her frog and heels and made them weaker. 
This photo shows her foot straight out of shoes and when you compare it to the same foot today, below, its clear how much more structure there now is at the back of her foot. 

This is still a foot in need of lots of time and mileage but the developments which are happening now would not have occurred were she still shod. 

The right foot is also in better condition now than it was in shoes. 

This foot has also dramatically improved over the last 8 weeks as it has had to start working for a living again. 

The asymmetry is interesting but not surprising and will change further as her foot continues to grow.
Better structure in the back of the foot with less distortion in the hairline as well. 
Updates on the others to follow!

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