Friday 26 May 2017

Updates - part 4 (Ted M)

Fourth but not least is Ted M. He has been here a few days less than the others but like Jigsaw he arrived with feet that were already several months out of shoes and becoming more capable. 
This means he was able to work almost from day one and it shows in the good changes he has made since then. His foot is shorter, stronger and more capable and nearly 8 weeks of work has made a difference. 

There was lots to like about his feet in any case but they really look as if they can do the job now, which is certainly the case. 
A really strong, tough little foot - well done Ted!

He already had some good new growth coming in and once this is all the way down his feet will be even more robust. You can just about see in the current photo that the band of growth which was at the top third of his hoof when he arrived is now nearly at ground level.  

Now quite a business-like foot which is capable of working on all sorts of terrain. 

Well done Ted, and keep on growing those feet!

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