Friday 26 May 2017

Updates - part 1 (Zac)

Glorious weather for photos and footage for the last few days and far too nice to be in front of the computer but today its almost too hot, for me at least, so here goes. 
Zac arrived at the start of May so this is his 8 week update. He had a reasonable palmar hoof when he arrived but its considerably stronger now as I hope you can see.  
The most significant change in Zac's feet has been the short from straight hoof, wonky leg to straight leg but turned in toe. This is clear from the photos and you can also see the way his heels are now less under-run (check where the bars ended when he arrived and compare today).  
Of course ideally we would like straight legs, straight feet, but thats not possible for Zac. He is sounder when he is allowed to compensate in his feet, rather than his limbs, so we have to accept that.  

His hoof pastern axis is improving, a reflection of the stronger palmar hoof, but he still has a way to go and because of his conformation may always find standing straight on a hard surface tricky. 

Again, compare where the bars end and you can see how the base of support has moved back. The twist in his foot, resulting in the turned in toe, is also evident here but is less dramatic.

Palmar hoof looking much better now that he is working more consistently. 
Finally his footage, for reference, on a hard surface: and on a circle:

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